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Faith Tabernacle Oasis Of Love International Church Inc.
Church History

Pastor’s Robert and Ila McMillan were ordained in 1972 under the auspices of Rev. Dovie and Marion Scalf at Faith Tabernacle Church of Lenoir, NC. The vision concerning bringing Israel (God’s people) from all around the world back to Him was given to them and with conviction they began this journey together. With Pastor Robert being 27 years old and Pastor Ila being 24 years old, their beginning was one of excitement! In 1976, they began the ministry of Faith Tabernacle Church in their home in Chapel Hill, NC. They, along with their son, Russell Dula and two other charter members (Kenneth Dula and Nadine Thompson) embarked on a God given assignment that would ultimately affect many lives.

As the membership increased, the Lord instructed Pastor Robert to move the ministry from their home to an actual building. After obeying the Word from the Lord, a building was established at 102 Parker Street in Carrboro, NC the same day. The first service on Parker Street was April 16, 1976.

Soon after, the Lord spoke to them again and instructed the church family to move to a larger place. The Lord specifically stated that He wanted a “HOUSE” built and not an “A” frame building. He showed them a vision of the property and the church body diligently searched until the Lord gave instructions to purchase the land right beside the current parsonage. God allowed Pastors Robert and Ila McMillan to meet the right people to negotiate the purchase price. The land was purchased for only $2,000 which was truly a miracle from God.

You will often hear that the Spirit of God built Faith Tabernacle Church. Nay sayers stated that the ministry was too young and there were times Faith Tabernacle felt as if no one stood in agreement with the them as they advanced in their mission. The enemy tried to stop every endeavor but the victory was already given and Faith Tabernacle Church quickly discovered that no one could stop the will of God!

The construction for the new edifice began in August 1980 and on January 1, 1981 Faith Tabernacle Church marched triumphantly into their new church building. During the first service, the Power of God was so strong that no one could even stand behind the pulpit for awhile! God sealed this victory with His Power! In 1989 the Faith Tabernacle Oasis of Love Sanctuary was added to the building. Once again the planning and construction for this building was completely orchestrated by the hand of God. The Lord spoke to Pastor’s Robert and Ila and instructed them to, “extend the building to an educational facility”, which is now in process.

In December of 1999, the name of the church was officially changed to Faith Tabernacle Oasis of Love International Ministry, Inc. Our mission work includes; Russia, Africa, Mexico and India. Our current project consists of building a 100 bed housing facility for children in India.

On September 13, 2001, Pastor Robert McMillan departed this world to rest in eternity with his Heavenly Father. His dedication and faithfulness will never be forgotten. Thus, leaving behind the vision for Pastor Ila McMillan and the Faith Tabernacle Oasis of Love International Church, Inc. to continue.

In August 2007, Pastor Ila McMillan was elevated to the office of Bishop and she currently oversees 47 churches in India.

Through Bishop Ila McMillan’s dynamic teaching, excellent leadership, patience, kindness, and sincerity with God, the Body of Christ continues to prosper and grow by leaps and bounds.